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Imagine a world…

…where your story is also someone else’s story and that you can help each other Conquer LifeTogether we climb.

The Conquer Life App is a FREE platform created to catalyze, support, and encourage Mental Health Talks. Members can share thoughts, send messages, post videos, conduct polls, host events, and more.

In the world of Conquer Life you can be part of a community that focuses on your psychological wellbeing and NOURISH YOUR MIND.

Nourish Your Mind

Easily join or create Your Mental Health Community within the Conquer Life Platform with built-in moderation tools and custom privacy settings. Contact our team for more info!

Ready for Mental Health Talks?

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🎥 #TogetherWeClimb

Conquer Life Media

🎥 #ThursdayTalksHannah Roeshlein: Sobriety & Mental Health

Conquer Life Media

🎥 #StreetInterviews – What does Mental Health mean to you?

Conquer Life Media


🎥 #MiniDocuseries – The Belmont Rocks: Chicago Pride History

If You Could Rewind Time, Would You Renew Your Mind?

Did you know that over 64.5% of adults have received some form of mental health treatment in the last year? Females being the ones to receive more mental health treatment by almost 15% more than males. Now, mental health ranges anywhere from anxiety and depression, to...

Conquer Life Water Bottles

  It’s a fact – We as humans, don’t drink enough water. The average American drinks 1.8 cups of water a day. That is far from the recommended 8.5 cups. We usually only consume a quarter of the amount of water we should be drinking every day for optimal health!...

Conquer the Market

Conquer Life Company wants you to get out and explore Chicago, our home sweet home! Twice a month, we’ll share a favorite place in the Windy City to visit and a curated collection of CLC products to match the vibe.  Find Something Special at Randolph Street Market...

✏️ One on One: Hannah Roeshlein

Chicago, IL · Wed, Aug 10 · By Will Andrews · Hannah Roeschlein is an accomplished comic from the midwest who participated in Conquer Life’s first Q&A discussion with Dr. Cliff Saper. Mental health, addiction, and sobriety are all themes in Hannah’s work, as well...

✏️ Community and Connection Through Mindful Mama’s Circle

Chicago, IL · Fri, July 22 · By Will Andrews · Being a new mother is an obviously stressful, albeit legitimately rewarding, journey. When her newborn was 3 months old, Cat Aldana Sager craved the sense of community new motherhood can bring but was restricted as...

✏️ Shir Limazati Conquers Life

Chicago, IL · Wed, July 13 · By Will Andrews · “Dogs are a man’s best friend.” We’ve all heard the expression. But dogs (and animals in general) can be much more than a friend. They can be the reason we get out of bed in the morning. They can help us adjust to new...

✏️ Hip Hop & Mental Health

Image by: Takashi Murakami Chicago, IL · Tue, July 12 · By Will Andrews · Creating art can be a very therapeutic outlet. And art comes in many forms – it can be physical, in the form of a painting or a drawing or a sculpture, but it can also be in the form of music....

✏️ Sherie Sloane Navigates Motherhood Through Yoga

Chicago, IL · Tue, July 5 · By Will Andrews · Forget what you thought you knew about mindfulness and yoga. Sherie Sloane (@sheri.sloane) is teaching us that yoga is for everyone, everywhere, and at any time. What has made yoga so important for Sherie and her...

✏️ Pride in Chicago

Chicago, IL · Sun, June 26 · By Will Andrews · Chicago is home to one of the largest pride celebrations in the country. The city is known for North Halsted (formerly Boystown)--a neighborhood filled with bars, restaurants, and parks celebrating the city’s LGBTQ+...

✏️ Q&A: Mitchel Meighen

Chicago, IL · Sun, June 23 · By Will Andrews · To commemorate Pride Month, Conquer Life is highlighting different members of the LGBTQ community who live their lives openly and inspirationally. I sat down with Chicago educatorMitchel Meighen to talk about what this...
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