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About Us

Our Mission & Focus

The Conquer Life Company is a woman-run, Chicago born, Online Community and Mental Health Media Startup on a mission to rebrand “mental health”. When people hear these two words, they often automatically relate them to mental illness. We are here to remove the stigma, the bias and to promote overall mental fitness and empowerment through the creation of Mental Health content, the sharing of human stories, and the building of connection between our members.

Mental health is just like physical health: you have to nourish, care for, and stimulate your brain just like you do your body. That’s what the Conquer Life app is all about. Let’s share our stories and heal each other – Together we climb.

Empowerment Today, Stronger Communities Tomorrow

The empowerment of individuals can work wonders when it’s channeled towards something greater. That’s why we donate a percentage of all profits to the Conquer Life Foundation in support of mental health. 

When we pour energy and love into our communities, our power multiplies. Unfortunately, those of us who are struggling with neurological and environmental obstacles to our wellbeing are in the most dire need of this power, yet the very nature of these struggles often leaves us unable to perceive or access it. 

By supporting mental health research and community programs, we can help increase access to the collective empowerment that is meant to be shared by an entire community. When we pursue happiness and growth together, we conquer life together.

Learn more about the Conquer Life Foundation Here.

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