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It’s a fact – We as humans, don’t drink enough water. The average American drinks 1.8 cups of water a day. That is far from the recommended 8.5 cups. We usually only consume a quarter of the amount of water we should be drinking every day for optimal health!

Our bodies are made of over 50% water. That is a lot of H2O! It comes as no surprise that dehydration would negatively affect our bodies, especially over extended periods of time.

Oftentimes, drinking water can seem like a chore. It’s not the tastiest beverage to be found and may not be as crave-worthy as a sweet, fizzy soda. But it is so much better for you! It is also shown, the more water you drink, the more you’ll crave it. 

Our bodies and brains can often confuse being dehydrated with hunger. So, we eat, when we should be drinking! Next time you’re feeling snacky, maybe try drinking a glass of water instead.

There are many benefits to drinking more water, including increased energy, more balanced blood sugar and decreased hunger. 

Water also plays a big role in the production of hormones in our brain that boost our mood. Which leads me to share what we at Conquer Life Co. care about the most – Supporting your healthy mind, body, and spirit. 

What can we do, and how can we help our bodies get there?

Having a trusty water bottle that you can easily tote around, will help encourage you to chug a little more. You could also gift this water bottle to a friend who also may have trouble getting enough hydration in their day.

Our Windy City Flow bottle can keep your cold water cool for 24 hours, and your tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, warm for up to twelve hours. The bottle has a wave of fun colors that wrap around the side, and “Windy City” written in stylish lettering. Invest in your health and your mood, by purchasing a water bottle!

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