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“Bandana” originated from the Hindi word “bandhana” which means to tie up. 

Chicago native Harrison Ford, is often spotted cruising around LA on his bike, trying to disguise himself with a black bandana around his neck. Classy, yes!

Bandanas have been used for centuries and are one of those wardrobe staples that never seem to go out of style.

The 1990’s was the heyday of the bandana trend. Christina Aguilera and Axl Rose were often seen sporting one. Now, the 90’s styles are back! (Hello again scrunchies and mom jeans) That probably explains why Harry Styles and “The Biebs” are all about taking their outfit to the next level, with the iconic bandana. 

Back in the day, farmers tied them around their necks to keep sweat at bay, and dirt off their face, but now they’ve turned more into a trendy fashion accessory.

 Unleash your inner hippie by wearing it around your head like a headband. Tie it around your neck for a quick way to dress up an outfit, use it to protect your hair during beach days, or in our current COVID world, use it when you forget your mask – The options are endless! 

Traditionally a bandana features that iconic paisley pattern, but why not spice things up with this Chicago themed one? The beautiful sea colors are reminiscent of ocean waves and warm sunny days. In fact, this bandana in your hair would pair very well with a pair of our Gold Coast Cruisin’ sunglasses.

“Windy City” is printed on this bandana, which is fitting, since this can be used to quickly tie your hair up during those windy days!

The versatility of this bandana would make it a great gift for just about anyone, from your favorite aunt to your best friend. 

The best part about purchasing this multi-tasking fashion item, is the good you will be doing with your purchase. You can wear this bandana with pride, knowing that a portion of the sales go to the Conquer Life Foundation. The Conquer Life Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of mental health in our world, and in our community.

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