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Chicago, IL · Fri, June 24

Speechless and concerned don’t even begin. Reproductive Rights are Human Right.

The Supreme Court has voted to overturn Roe v Wade.
This ends the constitutional protection for abortion that had been solidified for nearly 50 years and marks a pivotal moment for women across America – we look to join arms and overcome this moment together.

Millions of women will be affected in the coming years, decades even, suffering from having less control over their own bodies, less freedom in the path of their lives, and less input in the building of their own families.

We at Conquer Life Company oppose the decision made, and will continue to support and fight for equal rights of all women. In our eyes, abortion should be accessible and affordable; within reach of those who direly need it, and an option to explore for those that do not. Now, more than ever we must protect and aid each other in creating a future where reproductive rights are recognized as human rights.


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